COCKE COUNTY, Tenn. (WATE) — A Tennessee Department of Transportation truck was struck from behind on I-40 while protecting backed traffic in Cocke County Friday morning, according to TDOT spokesperson Mark Nagi.

Nagi shared photos of the truck on the social media X, formerly known as Twitter, saying another TDOT truck had been hit.

Unlike the five trucks that were struck in October, which were HELP trucks, Nagi shared that the trucks was a queue truck that was in place to protect traffic that was backed up on I-40 at Exit 435 because of a crash that happened at Exit 439.

According to Nagi, the crash happened because the driver apparently did not see the truck and struck the back right side of the queue truck. A sign was damaged and came to rest in the grass, but no major injuries were reported.

TDOT urges drivers to use caution when behind the wheel. According to Nagi, 22 TDOT HELP trucks have been hit this year, and that total does not include other vehicles, such as the queue truck that was struck on Friday.