College lacrosse player can’t find helmet big enough to fit his 25-inch head


A college lacrosse player says he’s been sidelined indefinitely, all due to the size of his head!

The Wheaton College lacrosse team practiced for their first game of the season recently, but at Wednesday’s match up, freshman goalie Alex Chu will watch from the sidelines.

“One of the issues I have is a rather wide head,” Alex Chu, 19, told WHDH

Chu’s head is more than 25 inches around, but the largest certified helmets for college players are 24 inches.

Without a certified helmet, Chu can’t play.

“Lacrosse is such a big part of my life, it’s been hard not playing, this is longest time since I’ve picked up the sport that I’ve gone without playing,” said Chu.

In high school, Chu got a waiver for this helmet but it’s not approved for play at the college level.

He and his coaches say they’ve asked the companies that make helmets to make a bigger one!

“I feel awful for Alex, but we have some leads right now that we’re working on to try and find a solution to the problem,” Kyle Hart told WHDH.

Chu is hopeful there will be a solution.

“I really do hope that from all of this I get to play. This is something I really want, something I have tried really hard to get.”

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