KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The holiday season is exciting for many, but for some money can be tight and they may not even know where their next meal is coming from. Several organizations are coming together to make sure people in East Knoxville have a warm meal this holiday season.

The Real Good Kitchen‘s mission is to make change through food.

“We very intentionally located in this community in East Knoxville,” founder Bailey Foster said. “We wanted to help folks here.”

The community kitchen opened its doors almost a year ago with the goal to support food businesses in the community and help them grow.

“We’re serving about 30 businesses now inside of our kitchen,” Foster adds.

Now, with the help of those businesses, Foster said they’re growing their outreach.

“We really wanted to have the opportunity to help give folks access to a hot meal during this holiday season.”

They’ve partnered with Community Action Committee’s Beardsley Community Farm to make over 250 meals. One of the directors, Charlotte Rodina said, “We’ve been packing up meals, we’ve been prepping for a few days now, making chili.”

CAC Beardsley Community Farm works to increase food security in Knoxville by providing fresh produce, accessible education, and land and resources for gardening.

Rodina adds, “I think people are really grateful to have active businesses in their neighborhood, looking out for each other. So it’s been really nice to see everyone come.”

When some are thinking about what may be under the Christmas tree this season, others are wondering if food will be on the table.

CAC Beardsley Community Farm and Real Good Kitchen are trying to change that.

Bailey Foster said, “We wanted to help serve our community too and that means our neighbors who have various barriers and struggles. and we want to be good neighbors and have an impact in our community.”