LOUDON, Tenn. (WATE) — A memorial last ride was held for Greg McFalls out of Loudon County after he was involved in a fatal motorcycle accident.

The mayor of Loudon County, Buddy Bradshaw, told WATE that McFalls was the stepfather to Sgt. Chris Jenkins‘ children, making this a tough year for both sides of the family. Bradshaw said he knew McFalls for well over thirty years and considered him a brother.

“We talked on the phone minimum once a week, usually three or four times a week for the last thirty years, and we’ve watched each others kids grow up,” he said.

McFalls was well known in and around the Loudon community. He was a husband, father, coach and had a love for riding his motorcycle.

“He coached little league football all over the county, and he was just very much community driven,” Bradshaw said.

McFalls’ motorcycle collided with another vehicle and he died from the impact. Making this last ride even more impactful for those that knew him and the joy he got from being on his bike.

“He was just loved by so many. A lot of folks he worked with and just friends in general, if you ever met him one time then he was a friend and he was selfless,” Bradshaw said.

McFalls is survived by his wife Shannon, children Bryan and Whitney, parents Marvin and Francine and a host of other family and friends.