KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – The Knox County Health Department released its latest updated total of positive COVID-19 cases on Tuesday.

A breakdown of Knox County cases by age range. Source: Knox County Health Department

Knox County reported a total of 63 positive local cases on the health department website Tuesday after reporting the first local death and a nearly 40% spike in cases on Monday.

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Eleven of the 63 cases have resulted in hospitalization. This number refers to any individual who was hospitalized at any point during their illness, not the number of patients currently hospitalized.

KCHD reported 24 cases have recovered after reporting 17 on Monday, and 931 tests have been conducted.

The Knox County Health Department began reporting new cases daily at 11 a.m. last week. 

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The county health department was able to give some more details Tuesday at its 12:30 p.m. press briefing.

Charity Menefee, director of communicable and environmental disease and emergency preparedness for the Knox County Health Department, said there are no cases of coronavirus among the jail population at this time.

There is one case of coronavirus at an assisted-living facility in Knox County. The KCHD is in daily contact with the facility. Menefee said the department and assisted-living facilities are used to partnering together for preventing the spread of illness or diseases.

The facility has isolated the subject while they receive care from staff and other residents to avoid having the coronavirus spread.

Allergies vs. COVID-19

With spring comes seasonal allergies and Menefee was asked the difference between allergy and coronavirus symptoms.

“The main symptoms of COVID-19 that we continue to talk about and look for are fever, cough and shortness of breath,” Menefee says. “That fever is the key piece. When you’re having allergy symptoms you’re not likely to have a feverous issue with that. … If there is ever a question we are continuing to ask you to contact your medical provider.”