Cosby bakery trailer stolen after first big event since beginning of COVID-19 pandemic


COSBY, Tenn. (WATE) — A bakery owner is asking for help after her shop’s trailer was stolen over the weekend.

Linda Waddell, owner of the House of Douglas Scottish Bakery, said the trailer goes with her to every event the bakery travels to — which is a lot since that’s the majority of her business.

Waddell said she went to her first big event since the coronavirus pandemic started this past weekend.

It was a medieval festival in Norman, Oklahoma.

Linda Waddell’s travel trailer was stolen following an event she was selling her bakery items at in Norman, Oklahoma.

After having a great event and selling out of all her baked goods, Waddell decided to get new tires for her vehicle for the long trip home.

She said she unhitched her trailer from her vehicle and headed to the auto shop. When she came back a few hours later the trailer was gone from the motel parking lot where she was staying.

Waddell said she asked the front desk if they had moved the trailer, and they told her they hadn’t.

She then filed a police report saying at least $4,000 worth of items in the trailer, not including the trailer itself, were stolen.

“If somebody breaks into your house you feel very, very violated. Well, I live on the road a lot. This is, this is my safe spot. … I feel like somebody has taken a little of my soul a little bit,” Waddell said.

Waddell’s daughter soon created a GoFundMe with some of the details of what happened on the bakery’s Facebook page.

Since posting Waddell said so many people have reached out offering tables and chairs, and donating money to help replace other items.

She said she couldn’t be more grateful.

“It’s our tendency as humans to become a little bit, woe is me. And this has just pulled me out of that. I feel so blessed,” Waddell said.

A link to the bakery’s fundraiser can be found here.

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