KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – The East Tennessee Valley Crime Stoppers spent time with WATE 6 On Your Side News to talk about best practices when it comes to back to school safety.

Stacey Payne first spoke about what students can do to stay safe in terms of traveling to and from school, saying if students are riding a bike, walking to school or taking the bus they should always assume no one can see them and to keep off the roadway if possible.

She also says to remember it’s often dark when students head to school or the bus stop, adding that reflective tape on backpacks can be helpful.

Parents can also review common safety practices with their children, like looking both ways before crossing the street. Payne also said parents can instruct their kids to take three giant steps away from the curb to wait for the bus, equaling about six-feet.

Likewise, drivers need to be aware that students typically lack the experience to understand that you may not be able to see them and need to be more aware as school gets back underway. Drivers should learn where the bus stops are along their daily commute so they can be better prepared for those students.

Neighborhoods also are encouraged to use extra caution when backing out of driveways and watch out for children walking or bicycling to school. Payne advised this is especially important for kids who may be running late for the bus and could dart into the street without looking for traffic.