KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – As thousands of east Tennesseans travel this spring break, the East Tennessee Valley Crime Stoppers organization is working to make sure everyone stays safe no matter what the plans entail.

Stacey Payne with the Crime Stoppers said it doesn’t matter if people are taking a long vacation to the beach or celebrating a stay-cation at home, there’s an increased chance of crime during these times as people often float into a “vacation mindset.” A mindset where Payne explained people think nothing bad can happen to them.

Payne shared her top three tips for staying safe, starting with reminding everyone there is power in numbers. “Let’s admit it, more than one set of eyes is always a good thing,” she said.

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Payne also said for people who maybe can’t go with a friend or in a group somewhere, it’s important to tell someone where they’re going, what the plans are, and to check in periodically.

She also said people need to be careful on social media: “Not only do we want to keep people from knowing that your house is empty, but we also want to watch what we’re posting because our future employers and even our colleges may be looking at that and decide, ‘You know what, do I want you or do I not want you?'”

Lastly, she said no matter a persons age or gender, it’s important to keep an eye on drinks.

“Whether it’s a mixed drink, a drink with alcohol, or a soda, or a tea we need to think about drink safety,” she said. She added that leaving your drink unattended for even just a few seconds is enough time for someone to slip something in it.