KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A drug bust of two apartments involving SWAT and the narcotics unit resulted in police arresting 6 people on various drug charges and locating over 8 pounds of marijuana and nearly $18,000 according to court records.

On Thursday, September 15 around 7:30 a.m., court records state that SWAT and narcotics units served a search warrant at an apartment on the 1100 block of Tree Top Way. 4 people were detained when SWAT members entered the residence.

Police say they found $7,958 and 5 grams of marijuana in Dereginald Braxton‘s pocket, along with a large pink purse with a loaded AR-style pistol and a large tray with marijuana roaches and residue in his bedroom, and two pounds of suspected THC wax in a refrigerator in his bedroom.

in Yakube Pauti’s bedroom, police found $9,930 and a large resealable bag that had marijuana residue, a ledger with resale quantities of marijuana and corresponding prices, as well as a shotgun that was located on the TV stand.

Police also found a loaded AR-style pistol under the bed in David Thompson‘s bedroom and a clear bag with a gram of suspected psilocybin mushrooms in a key ring pouch that belonged to Faith Rodgers who was also found in the same room.

In a fourth bedroom room belonging to Austin Macon, police found an ashtray containing marijuana residue. Police say it was most likely that the occupants of the house were processing and selling marijuana wax given the large amount of THC wax that was located in a common area. Police also found in a records check that Braxton had an outstanding warrant for aggravated assault in Knox County.

In the search conducted at an apartment located on the 3900 block of Highland Crest Way, SWAT detained Kiandra Mercer and and one other woman. Police located a suitcase that contained eight pounds of marijuana in vacuum sealed bags, a digital scale, a picture of Braxton in a room that they determined belonged to Rogers based on documents in the room.

Police say they located a gram of marijuana in the kitchen, but no drugs or contraband were found in the second woman’s room, because of the packaging of marijuana in the house, police said it was most likely that Mercer was selling and/or distributing marijuana along with Braxton and Rogers.

Based on the second woman’s statements, police say she may have had knowledge of the drug activity, but she was not arrested during the investigation because no drugs or paraphernalia were found in her room.