NEWPORT, Tenn. (WATE) — 11 people were arrested during an undercover drug operation that authorities are calling “Operation Friday the 13th.”

Cocke County Sheriff C.J. Ball announced the results of the operation around 4 p.m. on Friday, citing help from the Newport Police Department, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Tennessee Highway Patrol, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

While some indictments were not served, Ball said 11 of the 25 defendants indicted were in custody and served. Those arrested include:

  • Dalton Fox, 29
  • Eric Ballard, 56
  • Gary Cody, 45
  • Crystal VanDaley, 43
  • Joseph Todd Turner, 29
  • Roger Dale Sigler, 62
  • Derrick Stanlet Neely, 27
  • Donald Edward McCoy, 56
  • Bobby Ray Lewis, 32
  • Meghann Hill, 44
  • Allison Hild-Daniels, 45

While the Sheriff’s Office did not list individual charges for each suspect, there are numerous charges listed from the operation. From Operation Friday the 13th, Sheriff Ball listed charges of 14 counts of sale and delivery of fentanyl, 11 counts of sale and delivery of heroin, three counts of sale and delivery of cocaine, 24 counts of sale of methamphetamine and nine counts of sale and delivery of a controlled substance.

The sheriff’s office said that some indictments were not served because of address changes or not being located during the drug operation.

“We will continue to locate the defendants and will release their identities as soon as they are in custody. We will continue to fight this war against dangerous drugs in our community. We appreciate the work that has been put into this undercover operation. Today was a successful day and we look forward to many more,” Ball said.