KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A Knoxville man was indicted on 18 counts involving sexual charges with minors, according to court documents.

Michael Glenn Crocker_mugshot
Michael Glenn Crocker. (Courtesy of Knox County Sheriff’s Office)

Michael Glenn Crocker, 63, was indicted with 13 counts of aggravated sexual battery and five counts of continuous sexual abuse of a child. According to court documents, the charges stem from several incidents involving children under the age of 13.

In the court document, Crocker is accused of touching children inappropriately between 2010-2017.

“On separate occasions over a period of 90 days or more in duration and that there were common methods or characteristics in the commission of the offenses, allowing otherwise individual offenses to merge into a single continuing offense involving a pattern of criminal activity against the minors and against the peace and dignity of the State of Tennessee,” according to the court document.

The District Attorney’s Office filed Crocker’s indictment on Jan. 24.