KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Causing a scene, yelling and cursing at medical staff at the University of Tennessee Medical Center just after midnight on Wednesday landed two people in jail for public disturbance and criminal trespass charges.

Catina Cook (Photo: KCSO)

According to the incident report, Catina A. Cook, 39, who was a patient at the hospital, caused a public disturbance at UT Medical Center by interrupting patient care due to her yelling while walking through the facility and not stopping despite officers’ requests.

She also did not comply with officers when they tried to stop, frisk and search her and resisted arrest. Once they placed the handcuffs on Cook, she began to resist officers and refused to walk, trying to pull away.

Joshua Patterson (Photo: KCSO)

Cook had been visited by the other suspect in the incident, Joshua R. Patterson, 39, who had previously been issued a prohibited entry notice at UT Medical Center back in November. Patterson reportedly yelled and cursed at the medical staff. Patterson was arrested on criminal trespass charges.

Both Cook and Patterson are scheduled to be arraigned in Knox County Criminal Court on Dec. 29.