KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A man was convicted of attempted second-degree murder after stabbing someone 11 times at a barbecue in an argument over who would light the grill.

Frank Deford Kincaid, 60, has been convicted in a October 2019 stabbing at Victor Ashe Park. He will be sentenced on Nov. 18.

During the trial, prosecutors told the jury that Kincaid was arguing with someone over lighting the grill. The victim pushed him and walked away, that’s when Kincaid pulled out a knife and rushed the victim stabbing him 11 times in the chest, stomach, arm and back.

One of the stab wounds caused the victim to go into cardiac arrest but was resuscitated by paramedics as he was being transported to UT Medical Center. The victim also underwent open-heart surgery that saved his life.

At the sentencing in Nov. prosecutors are seeking the maximum sentence based on the nature of the crime, along with a previous conviction of domestic assault against Kincaid where he repeatedly punched his girlfriend in the face.

The maximum punishment for attempted second-degree murder is eight to 12 years.