KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — An Oak Ridge Schools student was arrested Friday for threatening to shoot people and use a bomb at a school.

According to Anderson County District Attorney General Dave Clark, a student at the Oak Ridge Secret City Academy made the threat. The school was briefly placed on lockdown.

A release from the District Attorney General’s office said no firearm or bomb was involved. No injuries were reported.

“I am saddened to have to repeat the message that making threats directed at our schools, children or staff will not be tolerated,” Clark said. “This is a very serious matter and all of those involved in educating our children or safeguarding the educational environment will respond accordingly. Making such threats isn’t funny and the experience for those making threats isn’t going to be fun.”

The identity of the juvenile student was not released.

The student faces charges of terrorism, threat of mass violence on school property, and false report. The was student was taken into custody and is being held in the Richard L. Bean Juvenile Detention Center in Knox County.

A detention hearing in Anderson County Juvenile Court could be held as early as next week.

Two Oak Ridge juveniles are still jailed after making a threat on social media of a shooting at Oak Ridge High School in early December. The threat was one of two made in the same week. A third student has since been released. The three face the same charges as the student who made the threat Friday.