KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A now-former Tennessee Vols defensive back who reported being shot at a Cumberland Avenue bar in March 2020 is believed to have been shot by a teammate, according to a Knoxville Police report.

Brandon Davis, who has since transferred out of Tennessee, declined to press charges against the teammate who shot him in the left leg. A third player was also present, the police report states.

The report details what happened March 7 of last year, when Davis and at least two other football players were at Uptown Bar & Grill on Cumberland Avenue. The report says Davis was “pregaming” with other players at an apartment complex on the Cumberland Avenue before going to the bar.

Shortly after entering the bar, Davis told police he heard what sounded like a balloon popping and said he realized he had been shot in his left leg. At least two other teammates helped Davis outside. Davis’ girlfriend met him there and called 911, the report states.

It was unknown at that time how Davis was shot or who was responsible. A weapon was not recovered.

After speaking with Davis and his girlfriend following the shooting, an anonymous tip was submitted to KPD on March 12, 2020. From it, KPD determined a player was a suspect.

In her statement to police, Davis’ girlfriend said the player, who is currently on the team, apologized to her. She said the suspect told her carried the gun to “protect the rest of the football team.”

The investigating officer was unable to reach the suspect for more than three months due to the school moving to virtual and off-campus learning for the spring semester as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Once reached, the suspect said he was at the bar but denied being with Davis and others beforehand. The suspect also told police he did not own a gun.

Davis, the shooting victim, declined to press charges and the case was dropped.

Tennessee’s Guns in Bars law, in place since 2009, allows conceal carry permitholders to carry loaded weapons in bars and restaurants as long as the permitholder is not drinking.