FRANKLIN, Ky. (WKRN) — Several law enforcement agencies across Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky report seeing a deadly drug combination in the area.

It’s a mix of fentanyl and methamphetamine, but what makes it unique is the color – purple.

Now, the South Central Kentucky Drug Task Force is raising the alarm for residents as they work to stop the drug pipeline. They said the Purple Fentanyl is very dangerous.

The drug task force also warned that dealers are pressing the drug into a pill form to make it look like pain killers and anxiety medication.

Investigators said drug dealers are taking the drug across state lines by using Interstate-65 and backroads from Nashville, driving through Sumner and Robertson counties to get to Franklin, Kentucky.

At least six people from Tennessee and Kentucky have been indicted in Simpson County, Kentucky, accused of engaging in organized crime and trafficking.

Shelby Simmons, 37, of Franklin, Kentucky, has been accused of selling purple Fentanyl and meth. Others who have been connected to drug trafficking into that area are Jonathan Vaughn, 32, Halbert Warden, 51, Gary Denning, 67, Pamela Sanabria, 53, and Lloyd Fields, 36.

Purple fentanyl
Purple Fentanyl (Courtesy of South Central Kentucky Drug Task Force)

Investigators are asking anyone who comes across the substance to call local law enforcement and report it.