KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The trial of three teens charged with trying to kill two Knoxville students as they were leaving school in 2021 began this week.

Rashan Jordan, Ahmad Gatlin, and Deondre Davis are on trial for the attempted murder of 17-year-old Johnkelian “John John” Mathis and an unidentified female.

The suspects are accused of shooting at the two on January 14, 2021 as they drove away from Austin-East Magnet High School. The two victims took cover in a gas station bathroom located on Cherry Street and Magnolia Avenue.

All three defendants were under age 18 at the time of the January 2021 shooting and have since been transferred from juvenile court to face trial as adults. Jordan and Davis are serving life sentences for the murder of Stanley Freeman Jr., another Austin-East student who was shot and killed in 2021.

Jordan is now 17 years old. Davis and Gatlin are now 19 years old.

Mathis was shot and killed in August 2021, nearly seven months after the January shooting. The case remains unsolved.

The jury select process spanned a day and a half. Opening statements for the trial began Tuesday afternoon. During opening statement, prosecutors showed the jury maps of the car chase, pictures of the car Mathis was driving that had several bullet holes and a back windshield shot out.

The defense told the jury during opening statements that this case is based on misidentification. Prosecutors called two witnesses to the stand before the jury was sent home for the day.

Court proceedings will resume Wednesday, Nov. 15 morning at 9 a.m.