WESTEL, Tenn. (WATE) — Cumberland County is known for its pristine golf courses however a new development is creating a lot of buzz. While the links and views will still be around, work is ongoing to build a state-of-the-art motorsports park.

“We have the track evolving just as we speak right now,” Crossville-Cumberland County Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Ethan Hadley said. “It’s just going to be spectacular. As a community, we aim to be nothing less than the racing capital of Tennessee with one of the most premier racing tracks in the country.”

Bristol and Nashville will soon have company because the Flatrock Motorsports Park and Motorclub will have just about everything for racing enthusiasts. The course will be just off the Westel exit on I-40.

“Six-mile track with multiple configurations. It will have a certified Kart Track so young drivers can learn how to be a professional driver. It will have upscale lodging. It will have a winery, brewery. It’ll have an amphitheater to accommodate much larger concerts than we’ve been able to accommodate in Cumberland County thus far,” Hadley said.

The park is being designed by Tilke Engineers & Architects. As a whole, the property is a little under 800 acres and it will also have a 3.5-mile private Member’s Club track as well as a 2.67-mile Grand Prix track.

For Rusty Bittle, the developer and founding partner of Flatrock Motorsports Park, it’s a legacy project.

“I do events on the weekends and I see people travel thousands of miles pulling trailers to get to a track and our location is so centrally located. Every weekend people drive by this site going north to go to a track or going south to go to a track so I think this location is more central than any track in the nation. I think we will have people traveling from all over the United States and even coming in internationally,” he said.

It will take several years for the park to be completed. Ground officially broke on the project this week and the park is being built in phases. It’s hoped to have Phase 1 done and open the Kart Track along with portions of the Motorclub campus by spring 2023.

“We’ve got some wonderful things that bring people here,” Tennessee Department of Tourist Development Commissioner Mark Ezell said. “Nothing is going to be better now than the addition of Flatrock Motorsports. It’ll bring a special group of folks to Tennessee for the first time.”

“We’re just a community on the move and we’re really ready to strap in and get rolling with even greater growth,” Hadley said.

He added the public may see electric car racing at the new motorsports park which is catching on in Tennessee.

It’s expected that Flatrock Motorsports Park will generate somewhere between $95 to $100 million in revenue within the first five years of being open.