Day 5 Joel Guy Jr. Trial: Jury continues deliberation


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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE)- A 12-person jury continues deliberating on seven charges for a man accused of killing his parents and dismembering their bodies over the 2016 Thanksgiving holiday.

Deliberation began Thursday at 3:05 p.m., but the jury opted to wrap up for the day a few minutes after 5 p.m.

By 10 a.m. Friday jurors were back in the Knox County City County building, where they are using an empty courtroom to deliberate with social distancing.

There are 7 charges for the jury to consider:

Two counts of Premeditated First Degree Murder for the murders of Joel Guy Sr. and Lisa Guy.

Three counts of Felony Murder: one count for a killing that is committed in the perpetration of the killing of Joel Guy Sr.; one counts for killing in the perpetration of theft against Guy Sr. and Lisa Guy.

Two counts of abuse of a corpse.

Four days of testimony: “Complex and unusual crime scene”

The state brought dozens of witnesses to testify, including family members of Guy Sr. and Lisa., Lisa’s coworker that reported she was not at work and requested a welfare check, forensics experts, Knox County Sheriff’s Officers, Investigators, FBI, TBI, and experts from Regional Medical Examiner’s office.

The state made a case: Guy Jr. is guilty, by his own admission, due to a “murder plan” found written in notebook that, Assistant District Attorney Leslie Nassios told jurors: “It doesn’t take an expert in logic to make the connection, the notebook is his.”

Dr. Amy Hawes, one of the responding Medical Examiner’s, told the jury the crime scene was “complex and unusual” due to the nature of the crimes.

Guy Sr. and Lisa were stabbed at least 30 times each. Then, their bodies were dismembered at the joints. Including legs, arms, shoulders, and in the case of Lisa, her head.

Investigators found Lisa’s head in a simmering pot of water on the stovetop when they arrived at the Goldenview Lane house in West Knoxville.

Defense: “He was happy and outgoing”

In closing arguments, Attorney John Halstead made the argument that Guy Jr. was not a son out for revenge because his parents were getting ready to cut him off financially, but instead, a happy and outgoing one.

Halstead argued that he was in a good mood, interacting with his family on the Thanksgiving 2016 holiday without plans to murder them within the following days.

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