GERMANTOWN, Tenn. (WREG) — Students at Houston High School in Germantown had plenty to talk about Thursday after a deer smashed its way into two classrooms.

Freshman Sienna Raab admits there was nothing average about how school started Thursday.

That’s because this deer, seen on school security camera video, smashed its way through heavy glass windows and entered two separate, but empty, classrooms, leaving broken glass and chaos behind.

“I had to go upstairs and then go back downstairs to avoid the mess. I was pretty shocked, I feel like the next two periods after that, but then everything just carried out normally,” Raab said.

According to Germantown Schools the deer, which probably came from a green space between Houston High and a subdivision, entered the school between 7:30 and 7:45.

It broke through the window of one classroom, went inside, and left before breaking a nearby window and entering another classroom. After a few minutes, the deer left.

Maggie Phillips is also a Houston High Freshman who says the creature’s visit was an instant hit on social media.

“I was in my math class and a lot of people started talking on Snapchat about a deer that had busted in,” Phillips said.

Talk about Thursday morning’s departure from normal school routine dominated the conversation. Germantown Schools reported no students or staff were injured, but it may be a different story for the deer.

“I’m glad no one got hurt…the deer definitely got hurt, There’s photos of a smashed window and blood on the floor,” Raab said.

The condition of the deer is unknown at this time.