Deputies help deliver baby girl in parking lot off Clinton Highway


POWELL, Tenn. (WATE) — Two deputies are sharing their experience in helping a woman deliver a baby girl.

The side of the road, it’s an all too common scene for law enforcement officers. But it was anything but that for two Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies.

On Thursday, the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook two of its deputies rushed to Ciderville Music off Clinton Highway in the Powell community. A woman was in labor and the ACSO deputies helped in the delivery.

For Deputy Kory Blevins, he says it was a stressful experience and not like most days out on patrol, “I was a little nervous.”

Deputy Blevins was the first to be dispatched to the scene to help a mother deliver her baby. The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office saying the mom and a loved one were on the way to the hospital.

“We don’t have much training in baby birthing but I do have two children and I was there when they were born,” said Deputy Blevins.

To help in the delivery, Assistant Chief Robert Sexton rushed to the scene, “When I got here, Kory had the baby in his arms in a blanket, kind of swaddling it.”

This was the moment these officers say they really tapped into their first aid training while an ambulance was on the way.

“The baby was out and wet and we got the baby wrapped up in a bunch of blankets, got the heat going in the car, the doors shut and then EMS advised us they’d like for us to clamp off the umbilical cord if we could. So, we improvised and found a safe way to do that,” explained Deputy Blevins.

“Officer Blevins was very calm about the whole deal, a good officer and that goes a long way,” added Assistant Chief Sexton.

Both officers say they’re relieved mom and baby were healthy.

“This is a good memory. It’s something that you always remember,” said Assistant Chief Sexton.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever have another experience like this in my career. This may be the last and if it’s not, I’ll be more prepared next time,” said Deputy Blevins.

With a patrol job, Deputy Blevins says the next time he’s on the road near Ciderville Music, “It’s a spot I’ll always remember when I drive by, like that’s where that baby was born.”

Deputy Blevins checked on mom and baby at the hospital later on Thursday.

Deputy Kory Blevins bought a stuffed animal for newborn he helped deliver.

He says the last time he checked they were happy and healthy. Deputy Blevins sharing a picture of the stuffed animal he picked up for the baby.


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