NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Bellevue community is uniting in support of a grieving mom after she found a disheartening note on her daughter’s graveside memorial.

Nineteen-year-old Emily Skrabacz died Oct. 25th, 2015 after she was hit head on by a drunk driver on Poplar Creek.

“He struck her and she was just instantly killed,” her mother Catherine told News 2.

The day following Emily’s funeral her mom placed a bouquet where she died. A cross and a few mementos followed from her daughter’s friends.

“I come out here at least once a week,” explained Catherine.

The roadside memorial is now where she reminisces on her daughter’s life that was cut short.

“Just somewhere I can sit to remember her and feel close to her.”

On Wednesday when the grieving mother came to visit the memorial, she discovered a letter. It read in part: “How long are you going to keep piling junk on this beautiful Bellevue roadside?”

“Talking about my daughter and her memorial as junk on the side of the road and litter, and it just brought me to a place that was really painful,” Catherine said.

She was devastated by the words and debated hiding her pain, but then decided to share the letter on social media.

The post has garnered hundreds of comments offering support for the Skrabacz family and their daughter’s memorial.

“It turned the tears of sorrow, which were like all day long just from the words that can hurt and devastate. It literally turned into tears of joy from reading all those comments.”

The family says the letter turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Since sharing it on social media, more people have stopped by, adding to the memorial.

“It just touches my heart and it warms my spirit so much because I know there are people that truly care and that my daughter will be remembered.”

Catherine says the family who owns the property has given them permission to keep the memorial in place.