KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Charme P. Allen, Knox County District Attorney, announced last week that no charges would be filed in the death of Lisa Edwards. Edwards died earlier this month while in police custody. An autopsy conducted by the Knox County Regional Forensic Center revealed Edwards died from a stroke.

“From a medical perspective, I don’t have any proof to be able to put on and that’s my job,” Allen said. “In looking at a case from a prosecution standpoint we put together the proof, we present it to the jury.”

Allen said she asked the forensic center to look at all of the evidence including that body cam footage before determining the cause of death.

“I asked him to look at the videos prior to making his determination, which he did,” she said. “He was still at the opinion that this was a natural cause of death.”

Allen said that homicide was the extent of the charges the office would look to file in this case.

“Some people have talked about failure to render aid, in Tennessee, we do not have a statute that requires you to render aid unless you have been in an automobile accident with someone,” she explained. “There really were no criminal charges that were available. “

Allen said the hospital cannot be charged criminally with anything in the case.

“You will really start to see the behavior on the part hospital looked at in the civil lawsuit and the civil lawsuit is different in that the civil lawsuit will be brought most likely by Ms. Edwards’ family,” she said.

Allen said the district attorney’s part in this incident is complete.

“Let me be clear that in no way do I condone the actions of the officer. I believe that what I saw on that video showed officers that displayed a gross lack of compassion, a gross lack of empathy and am in no way condoning the way Lisa Edwards was treated,” she said.

Allen also viewed the video released by police with Edwards’ daughter-in-law.