‘Do you not have a heart? Imagine if it was your family,’ say victims in Old City hit-and-run this weekend


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — “Do the right thing” – that’s what two people hurt in a hit-and-run this weekend are asking the driver responsible to consider.

While this group of friends recovers, Knoxville police are asking for your help. The suspect is described by KPD as a Black male in his twenties with dreadlocks, wearing a bright orange shirt. He was driving a black Infinity or Mazda.

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KPD officers say that hit-and-run happened Sunday morning around 3 a.m. in the parking lot off Willow and South Central streets near the Old City.

Witnesses told officers there was a fight and the suspect got in his car, drove through the parking lot quickly and hit several parked cars, as well as four people standing nearby.

KPD says the suspect got out of his car, then started fighting with a different group of people, got back in his car and left the scene.

“The suspect vehicle, that car likely has damage somewhere, front-end damage and again it’s either a black Mazda or Infiniti. Even a black car that might have damage and match the description would be good evidence to go on and call the crime hotline,” said Scott Erland with KPD.

If anyone may have witnessed the incident or can provide any further information, call the KPD Crime Hotline at (865) 215-7212.

The group of friends is recovering from their injuries. They say they were at the wrong place at the wrong time and that they were simply trying to pick up a friend.

Inside a room at UT Medical Center, Ashley Brumbalough and her cousin, Tiffany Beets, are getting better.

“Bruised up, beat up, banged up – but at least we didn’t die. We’re alive,” said Beets.

Brumbalough is still in the hospital. She has a broken leg and underwent surgery on Sunday, “When I stand up and try to move, it’s like I can feel all the bones in my leg moving.”

Beets is out of the hospital but she has torn ligaments in her leg and a broken bone in her hand, “I’m hurting. I’m in pain,” she shared.

The cousins, who were with two other friends say the crash happened so fast.

“I remember hearing the tires squeal and then the last thing I remember it made a loud boom sound and then I didn’t see him get thrown, I didn’t see anything else. I remember waking up on the pavement,” said Beets.

“When we went to get in the car it was like a streak of lightning. I didn’t know what happened when the car hit us, I just know I couldn’t feel my legs. I was screaming,” explained Brumbalough.

The cousins say they have no idea who the driver is, they just wish he would’ve stopped.

“I wouldn’t wish this on anybody,” added Brumbalough.

“It’s a nightmare, honestly,” added Beets.

While they have many questions about what happened and why, the cousins hope the driver hears their message.

“Do you not have a heart? I mean, we have families, maybe you do too. Imagine if it was your family. Wouldn’t you want someone to come forward if it was your family?” Brumbalough said.

“I wish he would do the right thing, come forth, let us know who you are. No, we’re not mad at you but yes, we are hurt and don’t understand why you did this to us,” added Beets.

Brumbalough and her friend were the only two taken by EMS to UT Medical Center because of the severity of their injuries. We’re told he is in stable condition. The cousins say he tried jumping in front of the car to save them.

The fourth person hurt in this hit-and-run only had minor injuries.


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