PIGEON FORGE (WATE) – Are you looking for something out of this world to take to your next family reunion or a memorable dessert for a business function? How about doing a little food shopping at Dollywood?

At the Spotlight Bakery just inside the entrance of Dollywood, you can catch a glimpse inside the kitchen as pastry chefs and bakers make their creations.

“Dollywood is all about having a show to watch and our shows are awesome and we want to provide that show everywhere on park,” said Pastry Chef Lanna Talley. “To be able to do it here at the bakery and being able to have guests ask us questions, well we love to talk about what we do.”

The day WATE 6 On Your Side stopped by, Talley was whipping up one huge dessert: a 25 pound apple pie. They have been making them here for the last five years and amazingly the recipe is pretty simple.

“Brown sugar, cinnamon, and regular sugar as well,” Talley said were the filling ingredients.

Talley says butter is also key. We watched as she mixed it all by hand before topping it off with a perfect lattice.

“Just like grandma would make it,” Talley said. “I remember sitting here and doing just this.”Slideshow: Dollywood’s Spotlight Bakery

After a baste with more butter and a sprinkling of raw sugar, the pie is ready for the oven. It bakes for three hours at about 350 degrees before we see golden perfection. Just one slice of this pie can serve a family of four, leaving a lot of happy faces at Dollywood.

“The reason why I do what I do is to get a smile,” Talley said.

You can buy the whole pie for $129.99 and it’s $169 if you want the Lodge Cast Iron Skillet it was cooked in. You can have this shipped to your house or special event. Of course, shipping prices do apply.More online: Dollywood Spotlight Bakery