PIGEON FORGE (WATE) – A Dollywood employee is now inspiring others by returning to work just three weeks after getting a prosthetic leg.

Pete Delangis is a roller coaster inspector. Part of his job entails climbing along the tracks each day before the rides open, and now he is back to work in no time, doing it with only one leg. Dollywood ride inspectors rise with the sun making sure the rides are ready to go.

Late last year the job Delangis loves almost became a part of his past, when his foot swelled for several days forcing him to see a doctor.

“The doctor came in and said that he couldn’t believe I was walking on it, that I had broke all the bones in my foot,” Delangis said. “He got in there and tried to put pins in it and found out I had Charcot joint disease in my foot.”

They amputated it in January leaving Delangis at home to recover and desperately wanting to return to work.

“April 21 they gave me my leg. As soon as they did I got up and walked on it. They couldn’t believe it,” he said.

Part of Delangis’ job is to walk the tracks of the Thunderhead every morning before the park opens to inspect the ride. Within just a few weeks after receiving his prosthetic leg he was back up there.

“After I had my leg for three weeks then I came back and started back full time working on the ride and walking the ride,” he said.

It was thanks in part to a special prosthesis.

“It has a vacuum pump on it so that it stays attached to my leg when I’m up on the track,” Delangis said.

He says it was his will to not give up that now has him climbing to new heights.

“I’ve always had the attitude that I’m not a victim. I’m not going to feel sorry for myself. I’m just going to get up and go do it,” he said.