CLINTON, Tenn. (WATE) — An Anderson County High School senior is one of the youngest students to be accepted into pharmacy school in South Carolina. 

Leah Cobble has a lot to be proud of after being accepted at the age of 17, but her academic journey was not an easy one. 

“I chose pharmacy because medication turned my life around for the better and I would love to make medication like that and help others like me,” she said. 

Cobble was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease after being plagued with health problems in high school. She was in and out of the hospital with no answers until receiving care at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. 

“It was the first time I was actually listened to as a patient instead of being brushed off to the side,” she said. 

It was her doctor’s bedside manner that inspired her to pursue medicine. 

Cobble earned more than 80 hours of college credit through the Roane State Middle College program. All while dealing with surgeries, infusions and being put on a feeding tube. 

“I feel very accomplished for sure. I’m very proud that I made it. I mean there are some days you just break down and are like I’m never going to get through this class,” she said. 

In the fall, Cobble will attend the College of Pharmacy at the Medical University of South Carolina. 

Her biggest supporters remain in awe of her persistence through adversity. 

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“Early in her career, we were going through COVID, and she was fighting an illness. To see what she has accomplished through all that and then at Roane State. Just the things that are available to our students here it’s so exciting and Leah’s just proof of what can be accomplished here at Anderson County High School,” said Ben Downs, principal at Anderson County High School. 

Cobble also received the Roane State President’s Award, which is the highest honor a student can receive. She is also the first Middle College student to win the award.