KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Knox County Schools is reminding parents about signing their children up for retaking their Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) exam.

According to Knox County Schools, the data provided by the Tennessee Department of Education found that 1,600 third-grade, non-exempt students scored below the proficiency line on the ELA section of the TCAP.

Students at Knox County Schools are still eligible to retake on May 22. Parents, who were notified, have until the evening of May 21 to opt-in for a retake test. Check your email to sign up.

Knox County Schools told WATE that students, whose highest score receives a designation of “approaching” or “below,” will be required to participate in a summer learning camp and/or tutoring next school year to progress to the next grade.

There will be a notification sent to parents of each student’s status and recommended next steps on May 26. Parents can go to for more information on steps and deadlines before the fall academic semester.

This is the first year Tennessee’s third-grade retention law will be in effect. The law requires most third-graders who don’t get a certain score on a standardized test to repeat the grade to improve child literacy or take other remedial steps, according to the Nashville station WKRN.