KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The COVID-19 pandemic turned the education system upside down, but as time goes on it’s becoming clear some changes are here to stay.

The last 18 months have been exhausting adopting new technology, but it continues to be a significant part of our new normal.

Teachers transitioned to remote learning with almost no preparation. Trenton Goble, vice president of K-12 Product Strategy at Instructure, says it’s important to get teachers comfortable again.

Instructure is an educational technology company. It develops learning management systems, like Canvas, that serve as an online classroom for teachers.

Goble says keeping tech simple for teachers, students and parents is one of the priorities going into the new year.

Goble also believes it’s important to talk to educators and better understand what the challenges are and how to make necessary changes.

He says COVID-19 impacted students differently and students need to be properly assessed.

“The school year is long, and we have many years out in front of us,” Goble said. “I think schools will continue to be really vigilant about identifying where students are at. I think that’s one of the most important things that teachers have to do is just figure out where every student is and then work to provide support for students at that individual level.”

Goble says the real challenge of 2022 and beyond is figuring out how to maximize, maintain and streamline technology.