KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A Knox County Schools leader has provided more insight into the impact of a new recovery program for high school students

If approved this week, Knox County Schools will partner with the McNabb Center to help high schoolers with substance abuse while continuing their education.

The Student Supports Department believes the need for the program has grown in the last few years.

“Oftentimes the needs in our schools, mirror the needs in our community. We know that opioid use and addiction has been on the rise in Knox County, and generally speaking, I think the needs of our schools reflect the needs in our community.

Again, this is year one of a three-year pilot. In year one, our goal is to find 10 students, 10 families to serve in this program, and I really do believe we’ll be able to find those families and provide a solid program for them.”

Jason Myers – Executive Director KCS Student Supports

The Knox County School Board is set to take its first official action on the Elevate Program Wednesday.

Members will vote to approve a more than $150,000 grant that would cover the program’s start up costs.