KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The Knox County School Board continued along its projected timeline for the search for a new superintendent during Wednesday’s meeting.

Dr. Tammy Grissom, executive director of the Tennessee School Boards Association, presented the board with a report created with the information gathered from the community during previous meetings and surveys. The report identified key characteristics that students, staff, parents and other members of the community want to see from a new superintendent.

From this report, Grissom identified 10 criteria to look for in candidates for superintendent for the school board to discuss and vote on. The board adopted the criteria with the exception that some of the specific words may be edited for clarity later, but the characteristics presented in the criteria will remain intact.

Some of the criteria included effective listening and communication skills, the ability to generate support from the community, sensitivity toward cultural diversity, and the ability to initiate and adapt to change.

The board also added that candidates must have a master’s degree. Candidates will not be required to have prior superintendent experience but it will be preferred, the board decided.

A brochure for prospective candidates with information, the adopted criteria and demographics of the school system was presented to the board and edited at the meeting.