KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Campers at Muse Knoxville are exploring science through fun creations this summer. 

The Science of the Art camp focuses on experiments and projects such as creating art using chemical reactions, making fizzy sidewalk chalk and learning about color chromatography. 

“So, we have a little flashlight, and we have like a color paper and then we shine the flashlight and then it turns like to whatever color that paper was like red,” said Koby Winn, a Muse Knoxville camper. 

The weeklong camp enlists the help of instructors from the University of Tennessee to lead some of the activities. Then campers use what they’ve learned to create something with their new friends. 

“It’s fun because I get to meet new people I haven’t met ever, and I get to play and just learn a lot of stuff,” said Winn. 

The team at Muse Knoxville says camp sparks the kids’ curiosity and the learning follows naturally. They believe that’s what keeps campers coming back for more. 

“We get to explore science and that’s a subject that sometimes gets often overlooked in school so getting to do it in a fun way is what’s bringing people back I believe,” said Colleen Bosche. 

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