KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Through a series of town halls, the Tennessee Department of Education is looking for feedback from parents and educators across the state. The goal is to get more funding circulating to the districts in need.

Gov. Lee announced Oct. 8 his plan to rework the Basic Education Program, or BEP, formula. Education Commissioner Penny Schwinn was in Knoxville on Tuesday to talk about what a new funding formula should prioritize and how it should work.

“Right now we have what’s called a resource-based system, and that’s what we heard earlier which is about student counts and ratios,” Schwinn said. “So a certain number of students generates a principal.

“What we’re talking about is a student-based formula. So that means for all of your children in a school system — whatever each individual child’s needs are that’s what would be funded and that altogether is what would fund the entire district.”

There have been 3 town hall meetings so far, Tuesday’s was the fourth.

“Altogether what we’re hearing as a theme is that students deserve to have a tremendous number of opportunities to engage actively in schools and make sure they have the staff and teachers available to support them and make sure they can realize their dreams,” Schwinn said.

There will be several more town hall opportunities throughout the month of November; in person and virtually. You can also submit comments through social media. Commissioner Schwinn says she is personally reading every comment submitted.

Future town hall dates:

Wednesday, Nov. 3  

Thursday, Nov. 4  

Wednesday, Nov. 10  

 Monday, Nov. 22