KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — With school starting soon, sales tax-free weekend offers an opportunity for students’ families to get what they need while saving some money.

From July 29-31, clothing, school supplies, and computers, with a few exceptions, will be sales tax free according to the Tennessee Revenue Office. The exceptions are available for items purchased both in-store and online, as long as they are for personal use, not business or trade.


Any general apparel that is originally priced at $100 or less per item, such as shirts, pants, socks, shoes, dresses, etc., is eligible for the exemption.

Restrictions include:

  • Apparel items that are priced over $100.
  • Items that are sold together, such as outfit sets or shoes, cannot be split to cost under the price limit.
  • Accessories, such as jewelry or handbags, and sports equipment are not included in the exemption.

School Supplies

School supplies that are originally priced at $100 or less per item, such as binders, backpacks, crayons, paper, pens, pencils, and rulers, and art supplies such as glazes, clay, paints, drawing pads, and artist paintbrushes

Restrictions include:

  • School or art supplies that cost more than $100.
  • Items that are sold together are cannot be split to cost under the price limit.


Computers or laptops, or tablet computers for personal use that are originally priced at $1,500 or less.

Restrictions include:

  • Storage items, such as flash drives or compact discs.
  • Individually purchased software.
  • Printer supplies.
  • Household appliances.

This weekend is one of three tax-free periods. From July 1, 2022, until June 30, 2023 gun safes and safety equipment are sales-tax free, and from August 1-31, 2022 food and food ingredients, such as what is available in grocery stores, are sales tax free.

More information is available here.