KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Several high school students in Knoxville are spending the summer finding a career that fits their interests and talents.

“Nursing is winning out this week! Nursing is fully packed, which is great. We certainly need young people going into healthcare,” said Polly Johnson, with the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Tennessee Valley.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of the Tennessee Valley offers technical training camps through its YouthForce program. Last week students spent three days either training in a healthcare setting, learning game design, or working as a welder.

“The kids love it! They really enjoyed it. We had one of our kids yesterday thank the welding instructor. He said you know I really appreciate you being a big kid and being a good teacher and being able to teach me,” said Johnson.

The camps offer paid on-the-job training that allows teens to be willingly educated in the career path they want to pursue.

Johnson says she is always impressed by the student’s enthusiasm and eagerness to come back.

“So that’s always really good. Whenever you get the kids to be able to validate what you’re doing and be appreciative, you know you’re doing the right thing,” said Johnson.