HEISKELL, Tenn. (WATE) — An Anderson County School welcomes back students this week by providing resources for students to navigate the school year.

Teachers at Fairview Elementary School in Heiskell are providing a back-to-school roadmap for students. 

“We got to plan out what color we wanted all the folders, what we wanted for composition books, and that way all the students come in on an even playing field,” said Melinda Powers, a fourth-grade teacher at Fairview Elementary. 

This year Powers and her co-teacher shopped for school supplies for their students, thanks to additional funding from the school system. The district supplied every student with $40 worth of school supplies to cover the cost to parents. 

“Now when the kids come on the first day, we don’t have to worry about getting all their school supplies out and trying to sort them out and figure out what we are going to do with everything. They come in and they are ready to go on the first day,” said Powers. 

In the classroom next door, Sarah Rauhuff has been focused on creating an inviting space and a classroom that’s designed to inspire. 

“We really spend a lot of time in our classroom, and I want them to want to come to school and to be excited to come to school,” said Rauhuff, a fourth-grade teacher at Fairview Elementary. 

Teachers are also excited to bring back group pods and flexible seating for students. They want to create the best learning environment for their new family.

“You know every year we meet our students we are so excited to meet our new students. Just create a good classroom environment, and create a new family. They truly become my family and I miss them when they go each and every year,” said Rauhuff. 

Anderson County Schools is on a staggered schedule. Teachers welcome back fourth-grade students for the first day of school on Wednesday.