KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Knox County students are experiencing the power of opera.

“It’s an opportunity to tell stories, that’s what I’m all about,” said Maurice Hendricks, with the Knoxville Opera.

Hendricks is a trained performer with Knoxville Opera. Recently he entertained Knox County Students with tunes from Disney musicals to operas in foreign languages.

“The more you have exposure to, the more culturally you are aware and sensitive to different things, and you expand your mind really,” said Hendricks.

Joining him on piano was Knoxville Opera’s artistic director, Brian Salesky.

“I’ve done this a thousand times. It never ever is anything but a joy for me to expose these children to the wonderful world, magical world of opera and musical theatre. That is my quest in sharing this fantastic art form with people,” said Salesky.

The school’s music teacher jumped at the opportunity to expose his students to local talents.

“I do my best to introduce students to lots of different cultures of music but live is so much better than the recorded things that I normally have to use,” said Michael Peng.

Hendricks and Salesky’s live performance gave elementary students a chance to learn and be entertained. The Knoxville Opera provides education programs for Knox County Schools free of charge.