KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A new initiative is setting up students for success at Maryville College. The KT Collaborative and TRIO are partnering to provide academic support to students who often face disparities through mentor-led guided study hall.

“I always say that genius is made with sweat equity and not born and so the KT Collaborative and TRIO come together to prove that point,” said Angela Anderton.

The KT Collaborative is Noah Bowman’s newest initiative on campus. The program was inspired by Kin Takahashi, one of the college’s historical figures.

“When I came here one of my missions in 2009 was to expand academic support. To bring the support where the students are versus having them come where I was,” said Bowman, Assistant Director for Learning Services.

The collaborative space is dedicated to mentoring, supporting, and tutoring students.

“I feel like I can go there to ask questions. I can go there to interact with people and get different point of views on classes and learn different things,” said Brice Klepfer, a Maryville College student.

Anderton is a supplemental instruction leader with the organization. She says students from various socioeconomic backgrounds are encouraged to engage in the program to gain academic guidance.

“Noah has this philosophy with academic success that he imparts to his student while Dr. Turner provides the resources and assets for students to take their education as far as they want to go,” said Anderton.

Motivational material lines the wall where students learn. Bowman focuses on teaching strategies for how to learn. One includes the four tenets of success: be full time, utilize campus resources, be organized, and ask for help.

“They are not only relevant in college but if you lean into them, embrace them, and figure out how they work best to your lifestyle they will translate to real life,” said Bowman.