KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Tennessee Tech Board of Trustees has approved the elimination of academic course fees and a 1.78% increased in tuition and mandatory fees.

“We continue to restructure fees to benefit students,” Tech President Phil Oldham said. “With the board’s actions today, we have the most easily explained fee structure in the state.”

In prior years, a laboratory course would have a $100 fee charged in addition to tuition, but beginning in the fall Tech students will no longer be charged such fees. Students will now be charged a per semester fee based on their major and not individual courses. This will avoid students have a jump in cost during their junior and senior years.

The college is also introducing flat-rate tuition; a simplified mandatory fee structure; and the Tech Promise scholarship, a last-dollar scholarship that covers any outstanding tuition and mandatory fees not met by other scholarships or grants for eligible students.