KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The University of Tennessee College of Nursing is opening its doors to the next generation of nurses through a three-day camp for future nurses. 

“These students have been really excited to learn. They’ve been really involved and engaged in their learning. They are eager to be hands-on with things,” said Carla Orsburn, a simulation coordinator with the College of Nursing. 

High school students with the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Tennessee Valley are learning how to perform a head-to-toe assessment, patient positioning and body mechanics. The three-day advanced nursing summer camp puts students in a great position to help tackle the nursing shortage. 

“To be able to bring these students in and show them our facilities and give them an opportunity to, kind of, learn nursing really helps us to bring them in as students and it does give them a head start on their nursing education,” Orsburn said. 

Orsburn shared that the advanced camp challenges teens to come in with some background medical knowledge. 

“We really started a step above just a basic nursing camp. I think that probably was surprising to them. They didn’t expect to have to know anything when they got here,” Orsburn said. 

In three days, students advanced from lectures to mannequins to practicing on their peers. Each of them is eager to take charge of their future.