CLINTON, Tenn. (WATE) — Clinton High School was closed on Monday, and will be again on Tuesday. The school says it did not have enough substitute teachers to fill classes. Students spent the day learning virtually.

“We’re running a little bit of a sub shortage right now. We have 20 sub openings, and we have 8 of those that are filled, and 12 that are not. It was going to be really hard for us to function a normal school day with 12 open sub-slots at the school,” said Clinton High principal Dan Jenkins.

For that reason, Jenkins said they had to close temporarily. The district said several subs are quarantined.

As for the teachers who are out, Jenkins said, “The teachers were out for a variety of reasons. They might have to take their kid to a check-in, or they were out for a personal reason, we don’t get into a lot of the details of that, but very few COVID cases in that.”

Those that are working are still in-house, while students went virtual. Government teacher Bryan Moore explains how he teaches online via Google Classroom.

“I can make comments on these back to my students. I also have the ability to upload videos, upload powerpoints, upload any kind of explanation,” Moore said.

“It would be wonderful for us if we had more subs in the rotation, just going forward. I know that the rest of the week, I’ve looked at the rest of the week for us, and we have a very low count of the number of people out, so we won’t require as many subs,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins adds it’s important for anyone willing to substitute teach to head to the third-party vendor’s website they use – – and log in to the Anderson County tab. He says they will do a background and reference check.

Classes at Clinton High School are set to resume Wednesday, Sept. 15.