KNOXVILLE. Tenn. (WATE) — Zoo Knoxville‘s very own baby chimpanzee, Stevie, turned 10 weeks old.

According to a video from the Zoo, the six-pound chimp is thriving at the zoo. She is starting to crawl, sit up and roll over. As the chimp keeps growing, Stevie is on the road to a long, happy life at the zoo.

As Stevie get’s older, care givers are working to get her ready for life with her troop. Every day, she spends face time with the other chimpanzees at Chimp Ridge.

Stevie is also showing interest in the vocalizations of the other Chimpanzees, and is even beginning to purse her lips to mimic them.

  • Zoo Knoxville's Baby Chimpanzee, Stevie, hugs teddy bear

Stevie, who came into the world with some complications, is growing stronger every day. In a Facebook comment from the zoo, it was mentioned that Stevie’s mother, Binti, needed medical intervention with the birth, and her recovery took long enough that Stevie’s best opportunity was to be cared for by the animal care team temporarily.

Chimpanzees are an endangered species, but Zoo Knoxville is working in partnership with 32 other zoos to maintain a healthy population for the future.

A team of expert care givers are still watching over Stevie around the clock until she reaches a more independent stage where she can be reunited with the troop.

Although viewing times for Stevie are not currently scheduled, the zoo said that they will announce viewing times once they are possible.