KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Sunday a vigil was held for a man found dead at the Anderson County Detention Center.

“He had a long life to live,” said Diane Ridnour. 

Isaiah Micah Fontana, 19, died Thursday morning while in custody at the Anderson County Detention Center.

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Ridnour stated, “he will be missed, dearly missed, and we love him. He’s gone but never forgotten.”

Family and friends light candles one by one that spelled out his name and wrote on a blank canvas that is now filled with notes that read statements like, “till I see you again.” 

Pictures light the driveway, each one a memory filled with love and laughter.

“He was just goofy,” Ridnour laughed. “He was goofy. I got a picture on one of the lights of him in a popcorn outfit for Halloween and he went into all the stores asking for butter to butter his popcorn.”

Diane Ridnour said Fontana was like family, “He was like a son to me,” she said through tears. “We watched him grow up.” She added, “regardless of his past and everything else, he was a good kid.”

Ridnour is not hurting alone. Many came out to honor Fontana’s life.

“It’s come out great,” she said regarding the vigil. “It’s been beautiful and you couldn’t ask for anything better right now.”

Sunday they all mourned a loss they say they can’t fathom.

“Justice for him though,” her niece said “Justice. Find out what happened.”

The TBI  is investigating this case at the request of the 7th Judicial District Attorney General Dave Clark.

We did reach out to both Anderson County Sheriff’s Office and the TBI Sunday. The sheriff’s office told us there is no new information at this time.

This is an ongoing investigation.