Family calls for justice after fatal officer-involved shooting in Clinton


CLINTON, Tenn. (WATE)- The family of a man who was killed during a standoff in Clinton wants answers and justice.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigations said that Jerry Orlando Weaver, 51, was the suspect shot during the standoff on Tuesday night.

Jerry Weaver

Tremane Brown, Weaver’s 31-year-old half-brother, said even though he wasn’t with his brother during the incident, he believes there is more to what they say happened.

“Everybody’s telling me that he didn’t have a gun or he did. It’s the fact that he didn’t point it at nobody. So whatever the case is, he didn’t point it at anyone,” Brown said.

He said he didn’t meet Weaver until later in his life, but in the short time of knowing him, he was as much of a brother as any.

Brown said that Weaver wanted him to go to college and make a better life than what Weaver had.

“He was just showing me, you know, how not to be like him, pretty much. He’s like, ‘Hey you don’t wanna come here; you don’t have (to be) this person; look how big that parole officer is,” Brown said.

Brown said Weaver was a family man. He was always talking about his nieces and nephews and how proud he was of them.

He said that Weaver helped him fight for custody of his two children.

“My brother wouldn’t let anybody get picked on….He didn’t let anybody bully his family,” Brown said.

Brown believed someone had video of the entire incident on Tuesday night.

WATE 6 On Your Side was able to contact one witness who had some video of the standoff, but not all of it.

(Image via witness video of incident, shared with WATE 6 On Your Side)

The witness said he never saw Weaver point the gun at the officers.

Brown said his brother was shot unjustly. He said Weaver was calling for help, but instead he was shot.

“Y’all have beanbags, y’all have tasers, and a lot of other things that you could’ve used. Y’all could’ve used his big ole parole officer I met one time in a big, black truck. Y’all could’ve used that guy. You could’ve called his parole officer. Could’ve called his immediate family, could’ve did anything, but they did what they did,” Brown said.

Dave Clark, the Anderson County District Attorney, said witness video was included in evidence.

He said the investigation is ongoing and could take months to complete.

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