KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The deadly crash on Magnolia Avenue has left lasting affects on several who were not in the cars.

It was quite a scary scene on Magnolia Avenue Tuesday afternoon when two Dodge Chargers were drag racing and struck an unsuspecting vehicle leaving one dead and two children severely injured.

Parts of the vehicles were still on the ground a day after the deadly crash. Davey Spurgeon saw it all happen and ran to help.

“My dad and I were on the bikes just cruising around. We were coming back and I was actually behind the white explorer in the left lane,” Spurgeon said. “They got over in the turn lane, so I slowed down and right as I got past the light, it changed to red I guess, then all you heard was boom.”

That boom was the sound of both chargers crashing into a white SUV. In Spurgeon’s helmet camera video, you can see the SUV making a left hand turn onto Milligan street when the two cars came speeding into the intersection, eventually hitting the SUV and leaving a trail of destruction.

“I walked around the side of the van and had seen you know the little girl laying on the ground and I was like ‘oh no.’ So, I ran over to her because people were freaking out not knowing what to do,” Spurgeon said.

“I got to her, she was lifeless, so I started CPR, pumping on her chest. I couldn’t get to her mouth too well because it was swollen shut and all of a sudden she just… comes to life and starts breathing,” he said.

People in the area of the crash were doing everything they could to help those involved.

“There was a preacher there and people were praying, just tons of people praying all around,” Spurgeon said. “You had people trying to get people out of the car but they couldn’t because they were pinned, they were talking to them. People really just came together and was like we gotta do something.”

One of the vehicles involved in the race slammed into a building that housed Safe Haven, where several families were staying. They are without access to the home due to the damage.

Others who witnessed the accident wondering why something like this has happened.

“I just don’t get it,” Spurgeon said. “Even doing it on the interstate is bad, but Magnolia? What are you thinking.”

According to the family, the two children had multiple surgeries earlier in the day and are on the long road to recovery. One of the children, a young girl, showed those at the crash that she was a fighter.

“She was a fighter, I’ll tell you that. When she came to she was not giving up.” Spurgeon said.

The family also saying that both children are currently in stable but critical condition.