Family, victim speak about Knoxville crash that left two men pinned under car


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – A dad and stepmom are sharing their shock after their son was trapped under a car. It happened on a chaotic night in a Knoxville neighborhood over the Fourth of July weekend.

Police say a firework was set off inside a vehicle on Texas Avenue, causing the driver to crash into a home while two men were sitting on the front porch. Coty Treadway was critically hurt. On Wednesday, he was in the ICU undergoing spinal surgery.

“He’s broken literally from the shoulders to the ankles”

“Every rib is broken. It punctured his lungs in several areas. He’s got a chest tube to drain the fluid and air out of his lungs. His back is broken in three different spots. He’s got a hole in his spine,” Coty’s stepmom Desiree Treadway and dad Michael Treadway said.

Coty was sitting on his neighbor’s porch when a car crashed and ended up on top of them.

“I got a call from my ex-wife… and said go to Coty’s house, ‘He’s dying on the front porch. He’s been hit,'” Michael Treadway said. “He was saying, ‘I didn’t do anything. I was sitting on the porch, just sitting there.'”

Coty is a father of five, and his family members say he’s a great dad and family man.

“I’m angry and I’m hurt because Coty didn’t deserve this. His children didn’t deserve this. This man didn’t deserve this and his mother didn’t deserve this,” Desiree said. “I don’t wish evil on anybody, I just really want justice for Coty and him to be able to make it until he recovers. Because he’s going to recover.”

They’re now taking it day by day, and asking this of the people who hear his story: “Pray for him. Please pray for him. Because this is a good man that would gladly hand over his life for anybody else’s.”

“We’re both under a car – screaming”

The homeowner, Paul Reyes, was also on his porch and injured. He describes how things escalated.

“We see this car shooting down the road, shooting fireworks out of it. Next thing you know, it starts picking up speed… Next thing you know we notice a car coming down this way. They collide. We see lights. Next thing you know, we’re both under a car – screaming,” Reyes said.

Trapped underneath the car, Reyes said he was fearful he and Coty were going to die.

“We sat there looking at each other. All I could see was his face, I couldn’t move,” he said.

Days later, the damage is still visible. A banister is stripped from Reyes’ front porch. And the walker he is using now to get around shows his body is just as beaten up.

“I’ve got a fracture in my hip, fracture in my tailbone. I have a bruise, abrasions all over. I can barely work this arm,” Reyes said.

Knoxville police said at last check, nobody has been arrested or charged in the incident. Their investigation continues.

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