KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) A father-daughter duo have fans of all sorts singing Rocky Top after College GameDay deemed nine-year-old, Sofia as the ‘cutest Vol fan.’

“We saw that video and actually I have a three-year-old daughter and she does game picks, so she’s picking this game, and I was trying to get her to sing it (Rocky Top) and we could not stay on key, and we couldn’t quite get the notes right,” Laura Rutledge, a NFL and ESPN host said. “We’re not trying to copycat that video specifically, but it did inspire a little bit to try to get a three-year-old to sing Rocky Top,” she said.

Singing Rocky Top may take practice for some, but for Sofia, it comes naturally. She was introduced to the Vols when she was four and has been wearing orange ever since.

“Being a Vol fan is so cool,” Sofia said. “When they touchdown, I love seeing it cause you can scream as loud as you want.”

Celebrating Vol victories is something Sofia loves doing with her dad, Carl Eppolito, and younger sister Mia.

“The five games we’ve been to have been five new experiences,” Eppolito said.

When it comes to sharing their love for UT, it’s never a hard task. It all started with a single dad just wanting to capture as many moments as he could with his girls, which soon turned into memories they shared with others.

“There (the videos) me doing their hair, me doing their makeup, us doing funny dances like at the corn maze or doing pumpkin picking,” Eppolito said.

These captured moments mean more, especially to Eppolito as he’s proud to be a girl dad. Not only are these memories he can cherish, but opportunities to allow his girls to find role models, making it more special that those they look up to are from UT.

Sofia hopes to be a cheerleader and Mia wants to play soccer, so experiencing sports at UT means more to them and goes beyond cheering on the Vols.

The girls and their dad reside in New Jersey, but like to come down once a year for a football game. Eppolito graduated from UT after completing high school in Maryville. Now he has passed on his love for the Vols to his daughters and they love wearing orange just as much as he does.