MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A federal judge has acquitted embattled Tennessee State Senator Katrina Robinson of 15 of the 20 counts against her.

According to court records, Robinson has been acquitted of counts one through 10 and counts 13 through 17.

Robinson has been on trial for charges of theft and embezzlement. She’s accused of stealing thousands of dollars in grant money from the school she started, The Healthcare Institute, or THI, and using the money on personal expenses such as vacations, clothes and cars.

Judge Sheryl Lipman granted a motion for acquittal Sunday evening. The court is set to issue an oral ruling Monday morning.

The defense raised the motion for acquittal after the prosecution rested its case Thursday. In regards to counts one through 17, Robinson’s attorney, Mathew Jehl, said “The government has not established a jury cannot find beyond reasonable doubt they were used with grant funds.”

Court records indicate Robinson still faces counts 11 and 12, as well as counts 18 through 20. The jury is scheduled to reconvene Tuesday afternoon.