KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Summer is a time of year when the number of blood donations typically decreases at local blood banks, but one Knoxville man is not letting that happen.

Adney Cross first started donating blood in May of 1968 as a college student. He continued donating whenever he had a chance as he worked overseas as a missionary, donating in four African countries, in addition to the United States.

Cross has called Knoxville home for four years now and on Tuesday he donated for the 101st time at MEDIC Regional Blood Center. It was also a donation that helped him cross a new milestone, reaching 50 gallons of blood donated throughout his life.

For perspective, it takes eight visits to donate a gallon of blood, meaning for his achievement he will have donated successfully about 400 times.

Cross said one of his favorite parts about donating is no matter where in the world he is, the process is the same. He also said he donates because it’s easy and can be a chance for him to wind down.

“For one thing it takes virtually no effort, you just need to show up,” he said. “When I was working especially, I liked to go and give blood because it was a chance to goof off, I left all my cares and worries at school and at home.”

He hopes others will roll up their sleeves and donate soon, but for those who think the needle may not be for them, he says find what you’re comfortable with and stick with it.

“A lot of times people say to get out of your comfort zone and do something, I almost say stay in your comfort zone,” said Cross with a laugh. “Find what it is that’s your passion, that you enjoy doing, that makes you feel good and do that for whatever it may be.”

To learn more about donating at MEDIC Regional, head to their website.