KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — It wasn’t a flying insect but a flying bird that led to a failing health score at a Rockwood restaurant this week. The manager also had no knowledge of food safety rules according to the health inspector.

Mountain Top Grill, 2475 Westel Road, Rockwood — grade: 69

The grade is a 69 at the Mountain Top Grill on Westel Road. That is a failing score. Any score below 70 is considered failing.

The type of bird flying around the restaurant was not named. Birds are not supposed to be inside a restaurant. The inspector suggested that the manager attend a free class that explains the state health regulations.

In the kitchen, food temperatures were off. Hot dogs pulled off the grill were at 99 degrees, but 135 and above is the required hot temperature to prevent bacteria growth. Food debris was also found on equipment and shelving.

In the refrigerator, raw foods were stored above prepared foods which could lead to accidental contamination. Those issues were corrected during the inspection.

A follow-up inspection will be made to check that the critical violations have been corrected.

Top scores of the week:

  • Clean Eatz, 215 Brookview Center Way — 100
  • The Pelican Bistro, 300 Depot Ave. — 100
  • Five Guys Burgers, 815 Parkway, Gatlinburg — 100
  • Taco Bell, 2315 Charles Seviers Blvd., Clinton — 100
  • Big Boys Country Kitchen, 798 Cosby Highway, Newport — 100
  • Steamers, 607 Main St., Sweetwater — 100
  • War Pig, 117 N. Kingston St., Wartburg — 100
  • Red Robin Inn, 11433 Parkside Drive — 99